Old House Renovation

Reviving History: Expert Renovation Services
in New England

We love old houses.

They have a charm and character that draws us in and makes us feel good about the space.

In modernizing an old house, it is essential to maintain the character. We have over 30+ years’ experience specifically renovating older homes.
As we approach a renovation, the position of rooms and their relationship to each other, and the detail of how a room is laid out in terms of doors and windows contribute to the flow of the house. Our experience in design and flow maintains the “look & feel” of an old house making the finished project warm, inviting and comfortable.

Old houses are different

Put a marble on the floor of an old house and watch it go. Hardly a level line in any room. It is very common that old houses have “layers” of upgrades over the years typically to the kitchen and bathrooms. And there are often small additions here and there.

Our team has experience in working through the “nooks & crannies” of old houses with minimal disturbance. We have the “know how” to blend the new with the old.

Experience Counts

From plumbing to electric, floors to ceilings and everything in between we have a team of old house specialists ready to tackle any renovation.

Meet Rudy & Holly

Your Old House Renovation Experts

With over three decades of experience, Rudy and Holly are dedicated to preserving and transforming old houses. Their deep expertise in addressing the unique challenges of older homes sets them apart. Rudy specializes in construction, while Holly infuses her insights into design, flow, color, and functionality. As the driving force behind Old House Renovation, they take a hands-on approach, ensuring their personal involvement in every project.

Our Craftsmen

Master Plaster Farrell

Master Plumber Tim

Bill The Floor Guy

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After